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Monday, July 30, 2007

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Spray Paint Art

Check out this video... it is SUPER KEWL!!!!

Its bout doing art jus by using spray paint...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Vista Tips 101 #1

1. Administrator Account in Vista

There are differences in Vista between accounts with "computer administrator" privileges and the Administrator account...... Accounts with "computer administrator" privileges are ones added to the Administrators local group..... The Administrator account, also a member of the local Administrators group, is a separate account that has higher privileges than other users in the local Administrators group. This is very different from previous versions of Windows.

1. To login with the true Administrator account, the account first has to be enabled. By default, the Administrator account is disabled.

2. You can enable the Administrator account with one line from an elevated command line :
net user administrator somecomplexp@ssword /active:yes

3. One More Step: Note: I have not noticed this to be true, but I am passing it on in case:
I have also read that there is one more important thing that needs to be done in Vista to enable the Administrator account. Not only do you have to enable the Administrator account, you also have to disable all other accounts with computer administrator privileges - before the Administrator account can be used as the "Superuser" Administrator. This is unusual, but not surprising considering Microsoft's phobia about security. After you enable the Administrator account, just right click each account in the local Administrators group and disable them. Then reboot the PC and login as Administrator.

2. Add an elevated command line

1. Click Start and type command in the search box... it will then display a number of item.... right-click the shortcut to Command Prompt and click Pin to Start Menu

2. Right-click the shortcut to Command Prompt in the start menu list and click Properties.

3. Click the Advance button and select Run as Administrator . Click Ok to save your settings.

3. Turning off UAC (User Account Control)

1. You can also turn off UAC in Control Panel, User Accounts. Click the link there that reads Change security settings, then, Turn User Account Control Off.


2.Press the Windows + R keys to bring up the RUN window.... type msconfig and then press ENTER... open the Tools pane and then scroll down to Disable UAC and click once on that line. Click the Launch button.

4. Personalizing Your Own Shortcut Keys

The quick launch bar has been there since ages, but it is a little more useful in Vista...

1. Drag a program or a file into the quick launch toolbar.
2. Press the Windows key button on the keyboard plus the number 1 to launch or switch to the first item on the Quick Launch bar.
3. Press Windows key + 2 for the second, and so on.
4. For shortcut number 10, use Windows key + 0.

5. Resize Partitions with Vista Disk Management

Previously, in Windows XP, it was not possible to resize the partition without any data lost... the most common way was to delete the partition and then shrink it or expand it.. Now in Windows Vista it is now possible to resize partitions without any data loss in the new Disk Management console.

1. Click on the Start Button and right click on Computer and select Manage.
2. Expand the Storage section and select Disk Management.
3. Then just right click on any partition and select either Expand or Shrink to change the size of the partition.

This will allow you to safely resize your partitions without any data loss.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Back at Home


Exams are finally over... i sat for 3 freaking hours doing my last paper today... engineering drawing... its not to say hard... but i din have time to finish it up.... i onli did 2 and 3 quarters out of 3 questions...


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

HP Pavilion HDX

This laptop is ranked as the top 5 DirectX 10 gaming notebook... for those who dont noe wat is directX... Here it is...

Microsoft DirectX (Direct eXtension) is a collection of application programming interface for handling task related to multimedia, especially game programing and vedio, on Microsoft platform. It is a direct competitor of the OpenGL standard. The latest version of DirectX is DirectX 10 which is onli available in Windows Vista.

The following are the full specifications of the laptop... take a deep breath first before reading it... it might just shock u...

Intel Core 2 Duo T7700 2.4Ghz, <-- Super Duper Fast
667Mhz FSB, 4MB L2 Cache
4GB DDR II RAM <-- Too Much of RAM for me but its good..
400GB Hard Disk Drive
ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT, 256MB GRAM <-- High Quality Graphics
DVD Super Multi Drive
20.1" TFT LCD <-- Wide screen... But its a little too big to carry
WiFi, Bluetooth,
1.3 M pixel web camera, Finger print sensor
Windows Vista Ultimate <-- Vista Ultimate... U gotta be Kidding...
7 kg (with battery) <-- Too Heavy....

OK... That was a hell of a spec for me... its like a dream machine... it has a very powerful processor... T7700 is rarely seen in the market or even in the outside market... i've seen T7200 and T7400... About the RAM... Windows Vista is said to have best performance with 2GB of RAM (thats wat im using) ... But 4GB of RAM... that is crazy... But it will allow users to get the maximum performance out of their games.... 400 GB HDD??? the first thing that comes to my mind when i see this big hard disk capacity is storing A LOT of movie files...

ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT is a high performance graphic card that will be able to support high-end games.... for more info on this graphic card and its comparison to other graphic card, it can be found here... the screen size is rather big... 20.1"... i cant imagine my self carrying it around... it will be like carrying a samsung LCD monitor around... and its weight.... 7kg... u gotta be kidding me... its like carrying 3 normal weight laptop (2.4kg).... i mean a laptop has to be mobile.. this makes it sound like a desktop...

Prem's conclusion: This laptop has a great performance and gamers will crave for it... but i feel its not the ideal choice for me judging on the screen size and the weight... i dun think i will like the idea of carrying around... there is no price given for this laptop when i read bout it and this laptop has not been released in Malaysia yet...

Monday, July 23, 2007


Sorry... for not updating.... im reading harry potter and the deadly hollows now... i have another 200 pages to go.... so till then there will be no blog post... sorry.....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Exams Out...

haha... a huge relief today... exams are finally over... well not quite actually.... still have one more paper on the 27th... i hate that paper... Engineering Drawing... well not cuz its hard or something... but its really time consuming... time is basically the enemy in this subject....

ok.. its time to party now... anywayz... im back in KL already and i brought my desktop back with me...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Language Translation Humour... #1

This was the game my group played during ice-breakers for the blogger's buff.... the game is simple... find any word when directly translated from English to Malay or vice-versa will sound funny or stupid.....

1) Terima Kasih -> Receive love

in Malay... "terima kasih" means thank you... but when directly translated it means receive love... to come to think of it... terima kasih shud be something said during valentines day and not on daily basis... can u imagine someone saying "terima kasih" atas meminjami buku anda itu. in English it iwll be "receive love" for lending me ur book...

2) Hardware -> Pemancu Keras

Computer hardware in Malay will be pemancu keras... wat bout software then??? Pemancu Lembut????

3) Teh-tarik -> Pulling tea

ah... Teh-tarik... the ultimate mamak shop menu... "teh-tarik" is a special style of serving tea in the mamak shop... so when u want to order u will say something like this... "Abang, kasi satu teh-tarik"... in english... "Could i have a pulling-tea please?" ...

4) Nasi lemak -> fatty rice

this must be the most ironical mean ever.... or even women's worst nightmare... Nasi lemak in malay means "fatty rice"... Nasi lemak is actually a Malaysian delicacy which consist of rice and anchovies chilli paste... i mean nowadays.. everyone is into this dieting scheme and everyone wants to look thin... will u actually consider buying "nasi lemak" if u noe it is full of fat???

5) Sweet Heart -> jantung manis

sweet heart means jantung manis in Malay... sweet heart is something u will call ur girl fren or couple or wat so ever.... imagine this situation.... u have not seen ur girl fren in a while and u miss her badly... so u give her a call... "sweet heart... i miss u so much......." in malay how do u think it will sound??? "jantung manis.... aku rindukan kau bergila-gila babi"

ok... thats it for now... ill post the rest next week.... keep an eye for the next translation... if u have any good ones please let me noe...

Monday, July 9, 2007

Blogger's Buff review

Blogger's Buff was a huge success yesterday. i really enjoyed it... well so did the others.... for the fee of just RM5 it was really worth it... well there was a lot of food... i mean the fod was jus free flow and u can meet kennysia and timothy (nuffnang creater) and a few other speakers....

wat i din like is i had to wake up at 7am in the morning... i dunno y im complaining cuz i jus slept in the car all the way to the hall and since my sis was the organizer so we had to be there early... i jus carried on sleeping in the car until 9am.. wat i din noe was my sis actually drove the car to the LRT station to pick up one of the speakers and she parked the car in Pasar Seni (Central Market). i was sleeping at the back of the car when the policeman came looking into the car and asked my sister y is there a guy sleeping in the car... my sis had to apologize to the policeman on my behalf of my actions...

as normal... my sis said i was the star of the event cuz i jus went around talking and making frens with everyone... i jus couldnt stand the speaker who was talking bout oil palm.... the rest was ok... timothy spoke well... kennysia came out of surprise...

best of all was the ice-breakers... first was the continuing the story based on the play card... the story went hare-wire when they play cards kept changing.... they next activity was our group had to come out with english words when directly translated to Malay will sound funny or vice-versa.... so i went in front later on and did a stand up comedian act... it was the best... everyone laughed...

i will post the language translation up tomorrow... thats all i can say bout the buff... ill add pictures to it tomorrow....


For those of u who really wants to noe wat happened in the blogger's buff... well it was basically bout a few ppl giving talks on how blogging can be beneficial to you and how it can cause trouble to you..... i dun really remember much... cuz i spent a lot of time talking... timothy jus talked bout wat is nuffnang and how does it differ from google adsense..... the info i got from kennysia is that is u wanna make fun of anything jus make sure its humerus... yvonne foong came and gave a talk bout how she started blogging and how blogging help her to raise funds for her medical treatment.... another speaker spoke bout the legalism thingy... bout how much u can copy right from another source and other cyber laws.. there was actually a lot of things that i din noe before i went for the workshop... and now i do...

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Damn it... i hate exam period... have to study like a cow... havent been sleeping properly... sitting in my autocad class and using the net now... onli 8 students are here... 9 now... and all of them r just surfing he net...

Monday, July 2, 2007

Bloggers Buff 2007

As many of you are already quite well aware off, I'm actively involved in organizing a bloggers workshop next month or rather next week in KL.

Bloggers Buff 2007 was mooted to be a stepping stone to get Malaysian bloggers from various genres together in a day to open up their minds towards different aspects of blogging and to comment on issues that affect bloggers in the country.

Basically we're trying to cover a few blog related issues and opportunities in a day.. They'll be a talk on Why Blog and the current scenario of blogging in the country.

The next part would be on the potential of blogs as new age marketing tools, whereby participants would be enlightened on the possibility of using blogs as a medium to advertise your business and products and find loyal customers from the blogging world. Even layman bloggers can make good cash from their blogs and all this would be covered in our sessions.

On top of all that, they'll be some fun group activities where one can mingle around with other bloggers and directly or indirectly increase the number of contacts. Besides that, we'll be covering the issue about self censorship and responsible blogging since Malaysian bloggers certainly have that issue with bloggers being sued and the government proposing for bloggers to be registered.

Quite a wholesome package, don't you think???

The event is on the 8th of July from 9 am to about 5 pm. Open to all Malaysian bloggers and about 60 places available. Registration is through pre-registration in the website and a meagre free of RM 5 will be charged that can be paid on the day of the event. Lunch and tea breaks are served.

This dude Saravanan was nice enough to make a thumbnail link for us..Thanks a million.Please help us spread the news by using the code in his website at your sidebar.

See you guys there...Cheers